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It’s been a while since I updated this page, so I’ll do it now. A LOT of it has changed over the years, so we’ll just start from scratch.

Your Web Browser has a LOT to do with how safe and clean your machine remains. Internet Explorer is still the main way that the bad guys get into your machine. I haven’t used IE for years. I don’t even know what the latest version is anymore. I continue to use FireFox, but the web as a whole has moved on to Google Chrome. I will at some point move to Chrome myself, but that’s another day. For now, if you’re inclined, go give it a try. Add on a good Ad Blocker and you’ll be good to go.

Mozilla Firefox: Firefox
Ad Block Plus for Firefox: AdBlock Plus for Firefox

Google Chrome: Google Chrome
AD Block for Chrome: AdBlock for Google Chrome

I continue to use MalWareBytes. It scans your machine (quickly) and will find and delete most of the bad stuff it finds. It may take more than one pass and a couple of reboots of your machine, but it excels at what it does. Keep scanning and rebooting until you get no hits.

MalWareBytes: MalWareBytes

If you run Windows XP or Windows 7, you NEED to get rid of whatever Anti-Virus you’re running now and get Microsoft Security Essentials. All those other ‘Free’ and Paid options (Nortons, AVG, Etc.) needlessly slow your machine down dramatically. Microsoft Security Essentials is FAST, doesn’t bog your machine down and best of all, it keep the bad stuff at bay. Don’t believe all the hype out there about how it’s not as good as the others – I’ve used it for a number of years AND MY MACHINE HAS NEVER BEEN HIT. And I surf all those BAD web sites to help YOU PEOPLE. Yeah, it works.

Microsoft Security Essentials: Microsoft Security Essentials

If you do all these AND are careful WHAT LINKS YOU CLICK, you’ll stay happy, healthy and bug-free. I’ll also be adding to this page as time goes on to include more detailed steps on how to uninstall toolbars, odd software you don’t know what it is, etc. Some of this can get pretty techy, so I’ll have to be deliberate in how I explain it. If you need help, by all means get hold of me!

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