The Clock Saga Continues

After we left our clock to be restored by the folks at Covenant Clock Restoration, I bought two books that were hailed in the clock collecting world as ‘The Bibles’ of the clocks we have. You can see them here:

Sessions Clocks: Sessions Clocks

New Haven Clocks: New Haven Clocks

Notice they’re written by the same guy, namely Tran Duy Ly. Just Google that guy. EVERYBODY thinks he’s the cats pajamas.

So, I buy his books and guess what? My two clocks aren’t in the books. Rats. So, being the pushy type I am, I write the guy an Email and ask him why that would be. He responds (quickly!) and asks me to send him some pictures. So I do. And his response, regarding the Sessions clock, is this:

Hello Mike,

After looking at your photos I can tell you that your clock is a late model which explains why it is not shown in the book. They did not always get all of the late models in their catalog. You do however, have a very nice example of your clock. The label is in very good condition which is a big bonus. Make sure you take very good care of the clock and be sure the label does not get damaged. It proves you have an original clock and not a “grandpa” clock (doctored up) which is very important for resale value.

If you don’t mind, take some nice pictures of the complete clock and send them to me so I can include them in the future when I do an updated price guide.

Tran Duy Ly

So, according to the clock guru, I don’t have an older clock, more of a later model. Maybe the ’50’s as opposed to ’20’s. Oh, well, it’s still a beautiful clock and I love it all the same. I can’t wait to see it after the restoration!

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