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The Clock Saga Continues

After we left our clock to be restored by the folks at Covenant Clock Restoration, I bought two books that were hailed in the clock collecting world as ‘The Bibles’ of the clocks we have. You can see them here:

Sessions Clocks: Sessions Clocks

New Haven Clocks: New Haven Clocks

Notice they’re written by the same guy, namely Tran Duy Ly. Just Google that guy. EVERYBODY thinks he’s the cats pajamas.

So, I buy his books and guess what? My two clocks aren’t in the books. Rats. So, being the pushy type I am, I write the guy an Email and ask him why that would be. He responds (quickly!) and asks me to send him some pictures. So I do. And his response, regarding the Sessions clock, is this:

Hello Mike,

After looking at your photos I can tell you that your clock is a late model which explains why it is not shown in the book. They did not always get all of the late models in their catalog. You do however, have a very nice example of your clock. The label is in very good condition which is a big bonus. Make sure you take very good care of the clock and be sure the label does not get damaged. It proves you have an original clock and not a “grandpa” clock (doctored up) which is very important for resale value.

If you don’t mind, take some nice pictures of the complete clock and send them to me so I can include them in the future when I do an updated price guide.

Tran Duy Ly

So, according to the clock guru, I don’t have an older clock, more of a later model. Maybe the ’50’s as opposed to ’20’s. Oh, well, it’s still a beautiful clock and I love it all the same. I can’t wait to see it after the restoration!

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Stream of Consciousness

I’m thinking of just blasting out, as often as I can think of it, just anything to the Ol Blog here. It’s tough just coming up with what I think people will want to read. I have a bajillion nonsense ideas run through my head every day, but none of it seems to flesh out to anything lengthy and/or what I would judge as interesting to other folks.

So maybe I just start posting this nonsense and let The Great Unwashed Masses judge them in the raw, and when one strikes a chord, maybe THEN expand it and make it readable..

Who knows?



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ANOTHER New Story!

I know, it’s been way too long. I know. But, Twitter is keeping me VERY busy. I know.. I suck.

Anyways, enjoy the new story, and as always, tell me what you think!

The Rough Life Of A Telco Lineman


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Updated Photo Gallery ‘Frank’s New House’ with pictures of the progress he’s made this last week. Will have another update this coming Monday or so for the work we’ll do this weekend.


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Frank’s New House

The race to beat the weather rages on. The siding is almost completed and Frank has been staining the installed siding to weatherize it and the staining announces the finishing of that side of the house. It looks pretty cool. I’ve added the latest images to the Gallery – go take a look!

I also updated the sort order of the Gallery. A lot of the images were out of order. Some might still be; it’s kinda tough to look at 255 images AND make sense of the order looking at thumbnails that are only 1/2 inch in size. Maybe someday I’ll get it down…

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Big Changes Here At My Little Corner Of The InterWebs

I’ll be switching from Qwest to Comcast next week. Qwest was AWESOME in the last ten years, but their technology has lagged and now is almost unusable. I’ve had way too many instances of the Net just screeching to a halt in the afternoons and weekends due to way too many people being served out of the old technology. [SIGH] So, for a while, the camera and weather systems might be offline.

I’ve also updated the Photo Gallery with some new collections. Enjoy!

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Site updated and cleaned up

SO, I changed the look and feel of the little web site. Tell me what you think!

I’ve also checked most of the links to make sure they’re still relevant. Tell me if I missed one, would you?


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We had to laugh a bit.. we received a mailer card from the builder of our house this weekend. We’ve been dealing with issues related to these idiots since 2002. I even put up a web site ( – now gone) to illustrate to these schmucks what crappy construction quality they had (have?). CLICK HERE to see a copy of the web site I kept stashed away. Anyways, here’s the text of an Email I sent back to them today:

“We just received your mailer advising us about ‘’
and the associated services you offer.

You are PRECISELY the people we would NOT have work on our home. We are
still dealing (8 years later) with the craptastic construction ‘effort’
you put into the structure in the first place. Extremely poor paint
quality. Structure issues. Poor HVAC ducting. Inefficient heater/AC
unit. I could go on, but you get the idea.

Again, thanks, but no thanks.

With ALL sincerity,

Michael Fisher”

I’ve also spammed this text to all the residents in our little neighborhood that I know. The reactions should be worthy of a good outdoor BBQ and drinking binge!

I hope to hear from Arbor soon.

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Just a quick note that I’m going to be doing a couple of updates this weekend.

I’ve added a new gallery of photos I took at the Naval Undersea Museum in Keyport, Washington. We dropped by there on the way back from visiting Momma’s family up in Sequim, Washington. VERY COOL place if you’re interested in American Naval Underwater technology/warfare. Torpedoes, mines, subs, etc. are displayed there. Supported almost entirely by the gift shop and donations from the public and like-minded business, this is THE place to see if you’re like me. GO, BUY STUFF and DONATE. I did…

I’m still mulling over the subject of my next story. I’m developing a couple of subjects. Stay tuned, I’m trying.

I’ll post another subject soonest.


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