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Key Words In Book Titles I Will Not Read

There are some key words in book titles that just drive me away without any further reading. If these words appear in a title, subtitle or blurb, I WILL walk away. Also, the genre is in there, too. I only read Science Fiction, military history and occasionally non-fiction. Genres that I will not read include Fantasy and the newest contender, FanFic (Fan Fiction). UGH.

Dragon (Except “The Shadow War of the Night Dragons: Book One: The Dead City (Prologue) ” – AMAZING. READ IT!
Atlantis (Except Stargate: Atlantis)

(Note: ‘Knight’ has become problematic because, Jack Campbell)

The picture on the book will also keep the book from being read. Some of those images are:

Swords (Note: DAMMIT! Another problematic image is a sword because, Michael R. Hicks)

Witches/Mages/long flowing robes/knights
Glowing crystals/balls (GLOWING BALLS?!)
Stained Glass
Characters with pointed ears (Vulcans are exempt, because cool)



This list is fluid and will change with time. But it’s a start…

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“Entry Level” Science Fiction

There’s an article I read today on that, after reading, kind of got me thinking about my own reading. Since I had only read or seen movies of a very few of the titles mentioned in the article, I was wondering just what KIND of reader I am. I know I’ve read very damn few of those titles and it seemed to me that they were NOT talking to me. And the point of the article was ‘Entry Level Sci-Fi’. I’ve been reading Sci-Fi for decades and it seemed to me that I was getting defensive about not being knowledgeable about most of the titles in that article.

I know I’m a Sci-Fi reader. I read damn few other genres. I read military history a bit and a rare non-fiction book every now and again, but my day-to-day reading is almost totally Sci-Fi. Saying that, what I’m wondering is do the ‘learned’ readers/authors out there consider me an UNSOPHISTICATED reader? A low-class reader, possibly. Not that I care – I don’t. But I would, just for my own edification, like to know where I stand. Good or bad not an issue.

I ask this because I read a LOT of ‘Space Opera’ Sci-Fi. It’s not what I myself consider ‘Literary Sci-Fi’. What exactly do I consider ‘Literary Sci-Fi’? MY definition of it is more toward the Sci-Fi that Ursula K. Le Guin writes. In my view, her work is very smart and political. It’s a tad dense for me. (I’m nowhere near as smart as people might hopefully imagine me to be.) I don’t read for learning or ‘expanding my horizons’ or perceptions. I read to be entertained, very simply. I’m not sophisticated nor do I want to be. I don’t WANT to have to ‘think’ my way through a book. Take me by the hand (or eye as the case may be) and lead through the story. I’ll believe damn near everything you tell me and be happy in it. Unless I’m not, in which case I won’t read your stuff again. Pretty simple.

So all the authors listed in that article for the most part are what I call ‘Literary Sci-Fi authors’. The ones I have read, such as Arthur C. Clark, Orson Scott Card, John Scalzi and Mike Resnick, write (wrote) a very approachable, very entertaining book, therefore their inclusion in the article. But, OH MY GAWD, the other authors ‘appear’ to me to be a bit too ‘fussy’, if you can grok my point here. They’re writing literature that just happens to have a Sci-Fi angle. I don’t don’t know how to articulate the point any better.

So I picture myself as ‘non-fussy’ and ‘simplistic’. I really don’t know how I am pictured by others. But I’m curious. And THAT is why I ask..

I’m going to point a few ‘Indie Authors’ and close friends whose opinions I value to this post and see what they say.. I’m VERY curious as to their point of view. I think this discussion is neither over or short-lived.. I hope it goes on for a while. I’m interested in the ‘demographics’ of this topic.



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2013 Was The Year Of The Indie Author

Here is a (partial) list of the (mostly) Indie Authors I read this year:

Steve Umstead
Neal Asher
Jonathon Fletcher
Michael K. Rose
Michael G. Thomas
Kevin McLaughlin
Jason Gurley
Erik Wecks
David Weber
Stephen Ames Berry
Michael R. Hicks
Philip Rowe
Ed Benjamin
Ryk Brown
Hugh Howey
Jim Graham
Joshua Dalzelle
Edward W. Robertson
Peter Cawdron
Jason Andrew Bond
Dawson C. Walton
T.R. Harris
Paul Phipps
Nathan Lowell
Doug Rickaway
Zack Umstead
B. V. Larson
Graham Sharp Paul
Mike Shepherd
Ian Douglas
Evan Currie
John Scalzi
Jack Campbell
William Hertling
Andy Weir
Marshall S. Thomas
David Simpson
Steven L. Kent
Keith Edwards

I have become friends, I hope, with a few of them (Steve, Michael, Michael, Jason, Erik to name a few) and have written or Tweeted to a LOT of the others. ALL of them that I’ve read I enjoyed their books. It’s been a crazy, crazy year and next year only looks to get crazier in the Indie book business. More on that in a later post.




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Just Making A Post – BECAUSE I CAN.

In the vein of “I got a Kindle and have never looked back..”, that was the eye-opener into eBooks for me. THEN, I got an iPad. I GAVE THE KINDLE AWAY. Now I can read AND look up things (If you read Neal Asher, you’ll know what I mean), surf and check in with others!

As for series to read while waiting for some others to publish, here’s a list in no certain order or preference:

(First book in series is listed)

The Real Story: The Gap into Conflict – Stephen R. Donaldson – The opener into a 5-book series. Donaldson is an acquired taste, but I enjoyed the series. (These books are analog – I can’t find them ALL in eBook format)

Gridlinked – Neal Asher The first book in the Agent Cormac series. AWESOME author that completely captivated me. I owe somebody here BIG for tipping me off to this guy.

The Clone Republic – Steven L. Kent The Clone series is a fast read. The series is fun and easy to get through. Kent is a very friendly author so you might check out his blog (

Dauntless – Jack Campbell This series will grab you and not let you loose until you’re done with the series. I’ve even had friends of mine that DO NOT like mil-porn rave about this series. (This is the pen name of John G. Hemry. A VERY nice guy. Visit him at and write him. He WILL respond.)

Old Man’s War – John Scalzi If you don’t like this series, I’ll pay you for the books. That simple. (Visit John on his blog at . You’ll soon find he is very much deeper than the sci-fi he’s written)

Mutineer (Kris Longknife) – Mike Shepherd Local author that tells a good story. I feel this is almost YA, but I enjoyed the series and will continue reading it. Recommended.

The Battle at the Moons of Hell (Helfort’s War) – Graham Sharp Paul A great series that is similar to The Clone Series. Fun, fast and action-packed. Enjoy!

Star Soldier (Book #1 of the Doom Star Series) – Vaughn Heppner Another indie author I found on Amazon. Loved the series and will continue reading it.

Hidden Empire: The Saga of Seven Suns – Kevin J. Anderson Since everyone seems to be mentioning this series, I HAD to add it here. A sweeping epic that almost hides the ecocentric plot behind sci-fi will absolutely amaze. I LOVED this series. HIGHLY recommended.

Quarter Share (Solar Clipper Trader Tales) – Nathan Lowell A fun, almost YA series about the coming of age of a boy on a freighter plying the Deep Dark. No space battles, no sex (well, no REAL sex), no hard sci-fi. Just a great story told from a youngsters point of view. (

Midshipman’s Hope – David Feintuch This IS YA in my estimation, but this series by the late David Feintuch is an exceptional series about coming of age with a bit of 18th Century discipline thrown in to spice the story. Very good, quick series to read.

Starship: Mutiny – Mike Resnick A very cool series that I was sorry to see end. Just the perfect blend of swashbuckling, technology and humor that I love.

Soldier of the Legion – Marshall S. Thomas A GREAT series I’ve recently discovered! Along the lines of the Clone series, a long running battle against implacable aliens and another Human regime. The core group pretty much remains throughout the book but the day-to-day goals are certainly fluid. Technology is over-the-top and yet believable. The battle sequences are frantic and get you involved! A great series to read!

There you go, a few ideas. MOST of these authors I found right here, reading other readers recommendations! And for goodness sake, tell me what you think of my list. I KNOW I’ve forgotten many, many others. I’ll keep adding to the list as my senior memory dredges more great series to mind.

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