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Generated on: 05/29/16 at 9:50pm

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Current Conditions
Sunrise: 5:26am
Sunset: 8:50pm
Outside Temperature: ---
Inside Temperature: 77.3
Today's Rain: 0.00
Year-To-Date Rain: 45.09
Outside Humidity: ---
Inside Humidity: 35
Dewpoint: ---
Wind Direction: ---
Wind Speed: ---
Barometer: 30.156
Trend: Rising Rapidly
Todays High And Lows
High Outside Temperature: 68.5 at 5:53pm
Low Outside Temperature: 65.5 at 6:53pm
High Inside Temperature: 79.9 at 6:04pm
Low Inside Temperature: 73.5 at 7:09am
High Outside Humidity: 50 at 5:44pm
Low Outside Humidity: 48 at 5:41pm
High Wind Speed: 9.0 at 5:40pm
High Barometer: 30.157 at 9:42pm
Low Barometer: 29.996 at 12:00am
This Months Highs And Lows
High Outside Temperature: 87.2
Low Outside Temperature: 44.0
High Inside Temperature: 80.1
Low Inside Temperature: 70.1
High Outside Humidity: 94
Low Outside Humidity: 19
High Wind Speed: 25.0
High Barometer: 30.204
Low Barometer: 29.662
This Years Highs And Lows
High Outside Temperature: 90.3
Low Outside Temperature: -39.3
High Inside Temperature: 90.3
Low Inside Temperature: 54.2
High Outside Humidity: 100
Low Outside Humidity: 19
High Wind Speed: 35.0
High Barometer: 30.526
Low Barometer: 29.112
Outside Temp wind speed wind direction